The European Winter Finance Summit

Program 2007
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20.00 Dinner
7.00-8.00 Breakfast
8.00-9.00 Peter DeMarzo Keynote Presentation
9.00-15.00 Skiing
15.40-16.00 Coffee
16.00-16.30 E. Kandel & I. Tkatch Demand for the Immediacy of Excecution: Time is Money
16.30-16.40 Discussion: R. Naes
16.40-17.10 L. Cholette, R. Naes & J. Skjeltorp Pricing Implications of Shared Variance in Liquidity Measures
17.10-17.20 Discussion: Y. Wu
17.20-17.50 N. Garleanu Portfolio Choice and Pricing in Illiquid Markets
17.50-18.00 Discussion: T. Dangl
18.00-18.15 Coffee
18.15-18.45 S. Flam Portfolio Management without Probabilities and Statistics
18.45-18.55 Discussion: H. Brandt
18.55-19.25 R. Anderson & K. Nyborg Financing and Corporate Growth under Repeated Moral Hazard
19.25-19.35 Discussion: K. Ritzberger
20.00 Dinner
7.00-8.00 Breakfast
8.00-9.00 Marco Pagano Keynote Presentation
9.00-15.00 Skiing
15.40-16.00 Coffee
16.00-16.30 R. Albuquerque & J. Miao CEO Power, Compensation, and Governance
16.30-16.40 Discussion: M. Halling
16.40-17.10 P. Fulghieri & M. Suominen Corporate Governance, Finance, and the Real Sector
17.10-17.20 Discussion: K. Nyborg
17.20-17.50 T. Hintermaier & W. Koeniger Income Risk, Durables, and Collateral Loans
17.50-18.00 Discussion: K. Miltersen
18.00-18.15 Coffee
18.15-18.45 J. Hiao, A. Kalay & S. Mayhew Ex Dividend Arbitrage in Option Markets, Estimates Volume of Trade, and Market Efficiency
18.45-18.55 Discussion: E. Dockner
18.55-19.25 A. Beber & M. Brandt Resolving Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Stock and Bond Markets
19.25-19.35 Discussion: T. Steinberger
20.00 Dinner
7.00-8.00 Breakfast
8.00-8.30 G. Franke, M. Herrmann & T. Weber On the Design of Collateralized Debt Obligation Transactions
8.30-8.40 Discussion: B. Urosevic
8.40-9.10 W. Bühler & M. Trapp Credit and Liquidity Risk in Bond and CDS Markets
9.10-9.20 Discussion: M. Hochradl
9.20-9.50 D. Fabbri & A. Menichini In-Kind Finance, Collateral, and Cheap Trade Credit
9.50-10.00 Discussion: J. Zechner
10.00-10.15 Coffee
10.15-10.45 O. Bosch & S. Steffen Informed Lending and the Structure of Loan Syndicates - Evidence from the European Syndicated Loan Market
10.45-10.55 Discussion: G. Franke
10.55 Coffee
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