The European Winter Finance Summit

Program 2005
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Keynote presentation

Zechner, Josef

Market discipline and internal governance in the mutual fund industry with background material

Morning session

Bühler, Wolfgang

Calling Convertible Bonds too Late Can be Rational

Discussant: Ken L. Beckman

Næs, Randi and Johannes A. Skjeltorp

Order Book Characteristics and the Volume-Volatility Relation: Empirical Evidence from a Limit Order Market

Discussant: Loran Chollete

Afternoon session

Adams, Rene B.

Gender Diversity in the Boardroom

Bechmann, Ken L.

The Market-Microstructure Effects of Convertible Bond Calls—Good News, Bad News or Hedging Induced Price Pressure?

Henriksen, Espen R. Dynamic Suboptimality of Overlapping Generations Economies with Lucas Trees

Kaustia, Markku

What Causes the Disposition Effect? An Empirical Evaluation

Leite, Tore

Adverse Selection, Public Information, and Underpricing in New Issues

Olsen, Trond E.

Regulatory Competition and Multi-National Banking

Stamland, Tommy

The Information Content of Disclosures: The Role of Transparency and Standards


Keynote presentation

Eckbo, B. Espen

Optimal bankruptcy law: Are mandatory auctions more efficient?

Morning session

Chernov, Mikhail

Optimal Corporate Securities Values in the Presence of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11

Discussant: Michael Genser

Zagst, Rudi

Defaultable Term Structure Models; based on the papers Empirical Evaluation of Hybrid Defaultable Bond Pricing Models, and Three-Factor Defaultable Term Structure Models

Discussant: Joel Reneby

Afternoon session

Genser, Michael

A Testable Credit Risk Framework with Optimal Bankruptcy, Taxes, and a Complex Capital Structure

Jørgensen, Peter Løchte

Lognormal Approximation of Complex Path-Dependent Pension Scheme Payoffs

Kristiansen, Eirik Gaard

Financial Intermediation and Firms' Capital Structure

Mjøs, Aksel and Svein-Arne Persson

European Options on Defaultable Perpetual Debt: Valuation and Implications for Pricing of Debt

Reneby, Joel

Joint Estimation of Default and Non-Default Components of Corporate Bond Spreads

Sagi, Jacob

Wag the Dog: a high equity premium with smooth consumption

Stomper, Alex

Why Leverage Distorts Investment


Keynote presentation

Collin-Dufresne, Pierre

On the relation between Credit Spread and Equity premium puzzles

Morning session

Larsen, Kasper

Optimal Portfolio Delegation when Parties have Different Coefficients of Risk Aversion

Discussant: Jacob Sagi

Sørensen, Carsten

Dynamic Asset Allocation and Latent Variables

Discussant: Jonas Andersson
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